UrthHome Boutique & Resort

UrthHome an inspired from the word "EARTH" and is a family-run establishment embraces the traditional Ladakh architecture, creating and captivating atmosphere that reflects the region's rich heritage. Experience the warmth of a genuine Ladakhi hospitality as you step into our boutique hotel, where every detail has been carefully assembled.


UrthHome, at its core, is a haven of tranquility. Surrounded by the breathtaking view of Karakoram and Siachen range, offers a peaceful retreat for those looking to escape the chaos of modern life. The accommodations are designed with comfort and simplicity in mind, allowing guests to unwind and connect with the serene beauty that Ladakh has.

"Fork-to-Farm" culture at UrthHome Boutique

The concept "Fork-to-Farm", an initiative from ourside to promote sustainable and locally sourced food production,growing our own food or sourcing it directly from local farmer. By practicing "Fork-to-Farm",we support local agriculture and also ensure the freshness and quality of the food you consume.

Environmental Consciousness:

Given Ladakh's pristine environment, UrthHome- Boutique also emphasize on eco-friendly practices. From sustainable architecture to responsible waste management, prioritize environmental conservation, providing guests with a guilt-free and nature-friendly retreat.

Discover Your Dream Location with Us!

Discover a haven of comfort, personalized service, and cherished memories at Urth Home, where our family's passion for hospitality ensures an unforgettable experience for every guest.

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